Boat House Plans: A Home near The Water

Boat house plans have been used for many years, and they offer much that you can't find in other types of homes. Normally you will find these homes and designs with a dock attached. This can be placed either on the side of the home or it can go underneath, for convenience and a neater look.

You can choose from a home on stilts over the water or you can choose a land location that is situated right next to the river, lake, or ocean access. You can arrange for this type of home in any shape or size you can imagine, all you need is a body of water and some land to build on!

Boat House Plans Using boat house plans can help you turn your home into something much more, and allows you to enjoy all of the benefits that water access offers. You can have your own personal boat stored a short distance away, so there is no reason to drive to the lake or ocean. Normally these homes have cedar or other siding types that are resistant to salt and moisture, so less maintenance and repair is needed.

These home types stand up well to the elements and natural surroundings. Whether you want a small cottage type home with just a couple of bedrooms or you want a large and extravagant vacation home on the water where your boats and extended family have a great time all year long you can find the home of your dreams.

The History Behind Boat House Plans

Boat house plans have been used for hundreds of years. The first French settlers to the country built homes along the rivers and ocean in parts of Louisiana, and had docks alongside or underneath these homes to tie up their boats.

Boat House Plans These homes can be found all across America, wherever water is found and boats can be used. They're very popular as vacation and full time residences both, and it's common to find these housing types along the shorelines. Through history boat houses have been built in many different sizes and styles, and you can find these homes dating back one hundred years or more in some parts of the country.

Boats have played a large role in the history of America, and this is also true of boat house plans. Fur trappers, native Indians, settlers, and even modern Americans have enjoyed this housing style, and it's no surprise when you look at all these homes can offer.

What started out as a functional and convenient way to live and survive has been transformed into a home that you will love to own and show off. Boat houses may have started out plain and functional in the past, but today you can find models with a wide variety of styles, features, and designs.

Typical Owners of Boat Houses

If you are considering boat home plans there may be a number of different reasons for this. You may enjoy nature and being near the water, and a boat house will give you all of this. If you own a boat then these homes make sense, because you can live and store your boat in the same place. Living on the water also allows you more time to enjoy your watercraft, because in just a few minutes you can be out in your boat and relaxing.

Boat House Plans There is no need for you to hook up your boat and then drive to the water, you only need to go downstairs or outside and you are there. These homes may not be a good option with small children because the water can be a drowning hazard, but there are safety devices which can be installed to prevent this hazard.

Another reason that you may choose a boat house is to have a place to vacation, relax, and get away from the stress of your everyday life. This type of home makes a great vacation home or second residence, and you may want to use it for the weekends and warmer months so you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

You can find boat house plans in all sizes and styles, from two bedrooms to five or more, depending on the specific size you are looking for. There are many benefits and advantages that may draw you to this type of home, and when you have moved in, you will be glad you made this choice!

Key Elements

Positive Features of Boat House Plans

  • An attached dock, either beside or underneath the structure
  • Siding which is resistant to salt and moisture
  • Can include any number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • You can get the features and architectural designs that you want
  • A natural setting
  • Water is located nearby
  • Time savings because the boat dock is so close by
  • A stunning house that fits well with the surroundings

Negative Features of Boat House Plans

  • Not ideal for small children without extra safeguards because of the proximity of the water
  • Extra maintenance and repair may be required because of high moisture and humidity levels

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