Unique Home Plans for The Unconventional Mind

Unique home plans are changing the face of real estate in America. People are no longer settling for the good old Cape Cod or Colonial home. These individualists aren't settling for Modern home designs!

You can call it extravagance or you can call it distinctiveness, but the truth is that more and more homeowners, or aspiring homeowners, are looking for unique home plans that can accommodate their needs.

Most of these individualists are in the middle or upper middle class. They are hard working Americans, who are asking for homes that represent who they are and what they like.

With the popularity of cable TV, we are now able to see how people go out of their way to create unique home plans that require a high level of engineering and expertise. For example many people are requesting exclusive plans such as narrow home plans , or even round house plans . Many narrow home plans are designed for people who purchase small lots in overcrowded cities like San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles.

These narrow home plans aim to fulfill all the necessities for daily life, while accommodating the wishes and styles of the homeowners, all to fit in a restricted space. Narrow home plans more often than not, are two to three stories high. This is in order to compensate for the space lost in width, and comply with adequate living conditions.

Acadian style house plans , and many older or odd shaped home plans are not bought or built anymore. Most of these homes were built in the suburbs in the country side. This was in fact due to the need for space for agriculture. These older homes required standard home designs, engineering, and construction.

It's very rare that you will see acadian style house plans purchased for building. A good example of an acadian home plan would be a design to build a home out of an old farm property.

Another one of the unique home designs is underground house plans . Although these were much more common during the cold war era, more people are looking to these options to help keep their home either hidden or cooler. Many people can also convert their basements into an underground home and require a design plan for it.

Every person has their own idea of their perfect home, and for many people, unique home plans represent their thoughts of their dream house. These people put in a ton of planning in order to have what they desire in a home.

It can easily be thought by many people that those who decide to have unique home designs have an eccentric side, yet those who own these homes vary from retirees, to conservationists, to people who simply have a love for artistic expression. So is it fair to say, that eccentrics are just a small percentage of those who acquire unique home plans?

Other construction types that require unique home designs are historical home plans . Most cities that have historically protected homes have special requirements that need to be fulfilled. The city establishes these codes to keep old historical homes in the same designs (no matter the functionality) with the original building materials.

Among those who have the need for unique home designs are people who require the permanent use of wheel chairs and need special features in their house. Wheelchair accessible home plans will have wider hallways, wheelchair ramps where necessary, and bathrooms designed to fit and spin the wheelchair easily.

These wheelchair accessible home plans can be found in stock, but more often than not, a person requiring special wheelchair accessible home features can have a plan designed accordingly to his or her needs. It is important that all unique home plans are designed by certified architects.

If someone is searching for wheelchair accessible home plans, the architect must be aware of the adequate dimensions needed. A certified architect with experience in designing homes for handicap people will also be able to fulfill special requirements.

Unique home plans cover expectations beyond land. For those who would like to own a boat house, they can rest assure that finding pre-designed boat house plans is not hard. Better yet, they can also hire an architect to design their boat house as they wish.

Hiring a professional to design your boat house plan will ensure that you are getting not just expert advice, but are paying for a quality design that covers all of the safety requirements. After all, just because your house will be on water does not mean that it should not be designed and built with the upmost care and expertise.

It does not matter what type of person you are and which of the above mentioned unique home plans you are on the market for, always remember that not everyone is trained to design these different structures. Some architects who specialize in unique home designs will study well beyond regular engineering in order to design homes that are not only different, beautiful and eccentric, but also comply with all of the safety measures.

This is especially necessary if you live in a region that has specific requirements due to Mother Nature's unexpected fury. It is also crucial that you hire someone who understands what are the materials needed for a safe construction of your home.

Not all unique home plans can use conventional materials; therefore you must do your homework, so that when you're finally in your much desired home, you will be able to enjoy it without reservations.

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