Building Contractor Directory, Find Out What General Construction Special Trade Contractors Do and Who To Hire!

Building Contractor Directory, we will cover all the major construction special trade contractors and what they do or choose to become a general contractor yourself!

You may or may not need to use everyone on our contractor directory to complete your home.

This building contractor directory will help you understand who is on your project and for what reasons.

Let's face it; there are many different aspects with home construction. If you plan to become a general contractor you will do many things, but won't specialize in any one specific area. If you choose to become a general contractor, you will hire subcontractors to come in and do things you don't have expertise in.

Let's get started! You will need a:

Certified Public Accountant - You should always start your builing contractor directory by meeting with a certified public accountant and review your finances. This will insure you are in a good position to build your home and not break your bank account.

Loan Officer - Your loan officer should be involved in your planning from the very beginning. You may need to get access to cash by refinancing or opening a line of credit.

Your Loan officer will help you access the immediate funds for your project. Eventually you will need to refinance your construction loan to permanent financing, and your loan officer can help you with this also depending on what type of loan you get.

Real Estate Agent - A realtor can help you find and buy your lot for your home. Also, a realtor can help you sell your existing home or your new home if your situation changes.

General Contractor - You need to decide if you want to become a general contractor and build your own home or hire out those duties to a professional construction company. If you hire a company they will hire all the construction special trade contractors to do the work using their own building contractor directory.

Just make sure they provide you their license and insurance information. If you do indeed decide to become a general contractor, just know that this avenue will require much more work and knowledge on your part.

Architect - Architects make the plans and designs of what your home will look like when completed. All architects must be licensed. They will design plans that are permitted under your local jurisdictions building requirements. A good architect can also guide you through the permitting process.

Surveyor - A surveyor sets and stakes your lot. This will let you know where your land begins and ends. This is very important because if you don't know the county rules and restrictions, you could end up building your foundation too close to the property line (violating setback restrictions).

Your county will make you tear down your foundation and rebuild it within setback limitations. If a surveyor makes the mistake of telling you it's ok to build there in their report, they are liable and must pay for the removal cost.

Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator - You will need to have your lot tested before you purchase it to make sure the land is buildable. A Soil Evaluator will run these test and hand in a report to you and your county or state giving their results. This report will also let you know what type of foundation you may need.

Septic Evaluator - This evaluator will let you know if you can hook into city sewage and septic or if you will have to install your own septic system in your lot.

Planning Department - The planning department enforces zoning requirements. When applying for permits, your home building project must meet zoning requirements for your permits to be approved.

Building Department - The building department enforces building codes and check building plans before permits can be issued.

Appraiser - An appraiser values the plans of your building project to let your lender know what the final improved value of the property will be once your construction is complete. This lets the lender know how much to loan you on your home plans.

Insurance Agent - An Insurance agent will make sure you are protected in case of the unexpected. There are different types of insurance you will need to investigate. For example, you should look into getting Builders risk insurance.

Subcontractors - Subcontractors are the specialist your general contractor calls from his building contractor directory to your project for things they don't handle. These specialists can include plumbing, electrical, roofers, and HVAC (air delivery system) contractors just to name a few.

Title company - Your title company will administer the changing of funds between the buying and selling parties. They will make sure the title paperwork, insurance, and funds are in place in order for you to close on your property.

Landscaper - Your landscaper will make your lawn and areas surrounding your home beautiful. Landscape design can be anything from patio designs, lighting, garden structure, or even a waterfall (If you've got the cash)!

There are some things you need to remember when using our building contractor directory. One of them is to watch out for shady contractors. There are all kinds of tricks unscrupulous contractors can pull.

Here is a list of some of the wrongs to watch out for:

  • If you are asked to pay for the entire building project in advance. Don't you dare pay early!

  • If you're asked to pay the total or remaining amount before the project is complete, do not pay them before they finish your project. If you do pay them early, you may never see them again.

  • They can provide no references.

  • You are unable to verify the license or insurance information of the contractor.

  • You cannot verify the contractors name, address, or telephone number.

  • If you general contractor or their sub-contractors looses their cool or threatens you, tell them to leave your job site immediately.

    If you have to, call the police but never retaliate because contractors are knowledgeable in the practice of suing people. Do not let them intimidate you, fire them quickly.

    These types of situations are why you don't fully pay in advance.

Our building contractor directory can provide you with general information, and help you know what not to look for in construction special trade contractors.

All contractors set their own prices, and you have to look at each company and decide which one is right for you. Pick the right general, or specialized contractor to fit whatever kind of contracting needs you may have.

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