Lakefront Home Plans: Home on the Water

Lakefront home plans have a lot to offer, whether you want this home for a full time residence or a vacation retreat. Lake house plans can be found in various room counts. Lake home plans can range from small homes ideal for a single person or couple to large sprawling lakeside estates that may cover many acres.

Natural materials are included when possible to help these homes fit in with the natural surroundings. Whether you are looking for a small home by the lake or a large palatial house by a privately owned body of water, these homes are designed to give you exquisite views and beautiful scenery.

A common feature of lake home plans, regardless of their size, are wide and numerous windows to frame the natural beauty outside the home. You may fall in love with the way the home blends into the landscape and fits in perfectly, or you may enjoy all of the activities that the nearby lake has to offer you and your family.

Screened porches are also common with these designs, to offer comfortable outdoor spaces without any insect problems from the water. These homes feel open and airy, with plenty of light and a comfortable room arrangement.

The History Of Lakefront House Plans

Lakefront home plans have been around for hundreds of years in America, and can include a wide variety of styles and designs. Homes beside lakes have been used since the Native Americans set up temporary lodging beside lakes and rivers.

Lakefront residences have been used in Europe and other areas of the world for thousands of years. In America homes situated beside lakes can include many different materials, shapes, sizes, and architectural features. You can find these home styles anywhere in the country where there is a lake, which offers a lot of beauty and natural appeal.

Through the last few centuries a large number of lakefront house plans have been built. You can find this style of architecture in almost any budget, and in almost any area of the United States. Once considered only for wealthy individuals who could afford large residences these homes have become available to almost everyone today.

They can be found using logs, stucco, wood, glass, and many other materials combined. Decorations and ornamentation can range from none to extensive, depending on the specific home on the lake being studied, but is usually kept to a minimum in most cases. Often docks and even boathouses may be built for boat access and storage.

The Usual Owners of Lake Home Plans

If you enjoy lakefront house plans then you are not alone. You may be looking for a vacation home, where you can get away from the fast paced daily life once in a while, and enjoy nature and all the fun water activities these homes offer. You can also choose to buy land and build your own home, to your unique specifications and preferences.

Another reason that you may choose this type of architecture is if you want to live in a natural setting and live closer to nature. No matter what your family size is, whether it is just you or twelve people, you can find these homes with all the features that you want and need.

If you are looking at lake home plans this may be because you are attracted to the natural materials used, and the way that these homes seem to blend into their surroundings seamlessly. The wide open airy rooms, with plenty of natural sunlight and gorgeous scenery through the numerous windows, are very inviting and appealing.

All of the features of these homes combine to make them an enjoyable and comfortable place to live, without giving up any architectural appeal or space!

Key Elements

Positive Features of Lakefront Home Plans

  • Ideal for primary or vacation homes
  • Located by a lake
  • Natural look and setting
  • Can be any size
  • Exquisite views and scenery
  • Large windows
  • Covered outdoor areas
  • Porches
  • An open feel
  • A roof that is hipped
  • Smooth exteriors
  • Natural materials
  • Porch columns are common, and can be round or square
  • Available in many different designs and styles

Negative Features of Lakefront Home Plans

  • May be difficult to live in during colder winter temperatures, because of the lake close by
  • Large windows may be expensive and difficult to replace
  • Children must be watched constantly
  • More maintenance may be required
  • Vacation homes may have an added expense for a caretaker in the off months
  • Natural materials may need more frequent replacement and repair
  • Energy efficiency can vary depending on the specific home and the materials used

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