Ranch Style Home Plans: A Perfect Fit In Any Setting

Ranch style home plans can be a perfect fit in almost any setting. If you enjoy the ranch home floor plan style of architecture you are not alone. Ranch home plans are usually simple, with few decorations in the belief that less decoration is more effective.

Ranch styles usually are single story but some designs do offer a split level plan, which is ideal if you need more room or want a second level in your home. Ranch home plans are also frequently referred to as ramblers and they're very popular for many reasons. These houses combine traditional and practical aspects, together with an interior that is open and spacious, with a design result that is commonly found all across the United States.

You may enjoy the simple yet beautiful lines and design of a ranch home floor plan or you may choose this style because it can be affordable with most budgets. Ranch homes first started appearing in the early 1900s. This architecture type caught on quickly and spread across the country.

The simple appearance make these homes a good fit in almost any neighborhood and they are built to be practical and functional at a price that is reasonable and affordable. With all the benefits you will get when you buy ranch style home plans it is no wonder this design is still very popular today.

The History Of Ranch Home Plans

The history behind the ranch home floor plan is interesting, and these homes are still in high demand today. The original designer of this type of architecture was a man named Cliff May, and the first ranch homes were built in 1932 in the state of California.

The style became popular very quickly, and this style was at the height of popularity between 1935 and 1965. You will find this style in every state across the USA, from the west coast to the east coast and in both the northern and southern parts of the country. This style of architecture was inspired by homes in the southwestern area, homes with a Spanish American flair and appeal.

Ranch style home plans were around before World War II started, but it was only after the war that ranch homes really started to spread, and become big in demand. Changes in the way the government programs and housing loans operated made it possible for more people to buy a home.

Ranch homes had many positive aspects, they were affordable, and they offered plenty of room for growing families and a chance at the American dream of home ownership. By the end of the 1960s modern architecture styles and other home designs started to become popular, and ranch homes started to decline in demand. Although not as popular as they once were, you can still find this style of home anywhere in the US and it is still a popular housing type.

Typical Ranch Home Floor Plan Owners

If you are thinking about purchasing ranch home plans, you are one of many. You may want this architectural design for the simple lines and few decorations, which makes maintenance and upkeep easier and less expensive and time consuming.

These houses are ideal for any size family, and you can find them with bedrooms that range from two to five or more, and the same is true with the number of bathrooms. You may choose this design because it is usually a single level, so you do not have to worry about stairs, although you can find ranch homes that are split level if you want an additional level in your home.

A ranch home floor plan is often viewed as a bargain, because you get a large amount of living space for a price which you can afford with almost any budget. Because these homes have few decorations or elaborate details they are inexpensive to build and buy, but they are appealing enough to fit nicely in almost any setting.

You may decide on a ranch home if you are a couple starting out and planning on having a family, or if you already have children and need more room so your family can expand or spread out. Even couples without children may find this design attractive, because it requires little upkeep and has plenty of space for storage. They even guest bedrooms for visitors!

Key Elements

Positive Features of Ranch Style Home Plans

  • An open interior floor plan
  • Usually single story, although can be split level
  • Simple
  • Low to the ground
  • Exterior that is brick or wood normally
  • Asymmetrical
  • Picture windows that are wide
  • A roof with a low pitch
  • Deepset eaves
  • Attached garage
  • Rooms are simply and conveniently arranged
  • Shutters which are decorative
  • Double hung windows
  • A layout that is simple
  • Low upkeep and maintenance
  • Very affordable

Negative Features Of Ranch Style Home Plans

  • Few decorative touches
  • Long and narrow
  • Limited house depth
  • May seem plain and unadorned
  • Does not stand out in a neighborhood
  • Cookie cutter appearance

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