Round House Plans, A Terrific Choice that Offers Style and a Unique Look

Round house plans, also frequently referred to as round house floor plans or round home plans, offer a home that is astonishing as well as attractive. Round homes are not seen that often in the United States, although there are some across the country of varying ages. Only a few thousand were originally built, mostly in New York, Massachusetts, and the Midwest.

Round House Plans One of the oldest structures of this types is still standing today, but it was intended as a prison and not a home. Houses which are round offer more than just an attractive and unusual appearance though, they also offer increased strength, design flexibility, and interior space for rooms as well.

Round homes have less of the surface area exposed, so they will need fewer repairs because they have more durability, and are normally more energy efficient than conventional homes. These structures are also aerodynamically superior. Round houses will stand up and protect you better during severe weather and powerful winds.

You will usually have fewer drafts, and see utility bills that are a lot lower. These homes are easy to keep comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside, and you can include any number of rooms and choose any size you want for your new home.

The History Behind Round House Plans

Round structures were first started in the 1850s and '60s. It was thought at the time that round houses reduce building cost and heat loss through walls because they enclosed more space per linear square foot. One of the most well known is located in Freemantle, West Australia, and is called the Round House. This structure was built in 1830, and was originally built for use as a prison.

Eventually this round house was turned into the residence of the Chief Constable of Police and his family. Now the building can be seen every day by tourists for a small fee. This structure is still standing after more than a century, proving the incredible durability of round house floor plans.

This architectural structure was adopted for residential building as well, and it has seen a varying degree of popularity. You cannot find these homes in many states and may have to search some if you're in the market to buy one because they can be few and far between.

Many of these homes are built with modern materials instead of the traditional ones, so they can have varying environmental benefits as well. Although these houses have never reached the popularity level of some types of architecture and styles, they do have a faithful following and can be a fantastic choice for a number of reasons.

Round House Floor Plans And Individuals Who Choose Them

If you are looking at round home plans, this could be for a range of reasons. You may prefer the interesting look of the home, and the fact that you are among the few who own this housing type. Unlike traditional homes which can be found in almost every neighborhood of the country, round houses are quite unique and unusual.

You may want a home that stands out and gets noticed, drawing all eyes and inspiring a sense of amazement. This choice can be perfect for any size family, whether it is just a couple or a large family with many children, because you can design the specific number of rooms that you need.

Another reason you may choose these homes is to be eco-friendly and be very energy efficient at the same time. These homes can save you a substantial amount on your energy bills, and help minimize your impact on the environment as well. You may also appreciate the fact that these houses offer better protection against most natural elements than the typical homes do.

Your family and belongings will be safer during a severe storm or hurricane than they would in a typical home. There are many reasons why you may think about a round house for your next home, but the biggest reason you will stay in it is because you love all the benefits and advantages you get!

Key Elements

Positive Features of Round House Plans

  • Highly aerodynamic
  • Round structure allows the wind to flow around your home instead of causing damage
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be designed in any size, with any number of rooms
  • Less surface area is exposed
  • More design flexibilty
  • An eco-friendly choice
  • Very durable
  • Fewer drafts and gaps
  • Lower utility bills
  • Easy to heat and cool
  • Attractive and unusual appearance

Negative Features of Round House Plans

  • May not fit well in all surroundings
  • Traditional building materials or methods may not always be available with this type of construction
  • An architect with experience in this design may be needed if you are going to custom build your home
  • Practical problems such as useless corners and sunlight to odd places lead to only modest success of these homes being built, so it will be tough to find a round home

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