Southern Living Home Plans - Spacious and Elegant

Southern living home plans offer a home that is elegant and spacious, with plenty of charm and numerous features you will fall in love with. Southern home plans usually offer multiple floors, and a design which will make you think of southern plantation homes and the movie Gone With The Wind!

If you enjoy southern architecture and designs you are one among a large group of people. These houses bring back thoughts of warm summer climates and grand styles of living. These styles often do not have basements, due to the occasional flooding the regions in the south receive, but usually will include a raised basement that's above ground for storage and extra space.

If you're looking for southern home plans then there are certain areas of the United States you will want to look. These houses and styles are very plentiful across Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee as well. It is possible to find these styles in other areas of the country but they may be few and far between.

This style of home fits well with large yards, surrounded by plenty of landscaping and large trees. Gorgeous porches and numerous tall windows allow for plenty of light and airflow through these homes. Dormers and shutters can add a decorative touch to southern living homes. These homes can range from plantation style mansions to small two bedrooms homes with this design style.

The History Of Southern Living Plans

The history behind southern living plans goes back to when settlers first came to the southern part of the country. The first affluent settlers created grand homes, with extravagant decoration and elegant features. These homes were very large, spacious, and set on large areas of land.

The features and elegance of these homes caught on, and smaller versions were built for those who enjoyed the architecture but could not afford the large sprawling mansions. Over time the common features were used in homes ranging from small cottages to large and exquisite plantation homes. You can find these designs no matter how much or how little space you're looking.

The hot temperatures, high humidity, and other extreme conditions of the southern states can be brutal, and southern living home plans were created to include many features which keep these homes cool and comfortable even in the middle of the warmer months.

Tall windows were added in large numbers on all sides of the home so any breezes could be captured to make the house more comfortable. Large porches and verandas, many of which wrap around the home, provide a place to sit and cool off in the evenings. Large rooms offer plenty of space for guests and entertaining, and exquisite details give these styles an elegant look and fabulous appeal.

Southern Living Plans And The Typical Owner

If you love southern living home plans then you're not alone. These homes are big favorites for many reasons. You may enjoy all of the decorative touches and sophisticated exterior of these homes or you may prefer this style of architecture because of the ample space and airy interior.

These homes bring thoughts of past times, when life was simple yet elegant. Whether you're looking for a small cottage with this design for you and a spouse, or you have a big family and numerous children and want beauty combined with room to grow, these designs can be ideal.

Southern home plans can be found throughout the Southern areas of the United States. You may be looking for a home in Florida that is small but sophisticated to retire to, or you may already live in the South and love the architecture style of many of the older homes.

You can buy these houses or you can choose to build your own, depending on your available time and resources, as well as your personal preferences. No matter which area of the south you live in or are looking at you can find many homes with this architectural style to choose from, in a wide variety of looks and sizes.

Key Elements

Positive Features Of Southern Living Home Plans

  • Stucco exterior on lower levels
  • Tall windows on every side of the home
  • Many decorative touches and ornamentation
  • Large open rooms
  • Front porches
  • Verandas
  • Shutters that are functional and decorative
  • Can have stacked porches
  • Dormers
  • Roof that is low and sloping

Negative Features Of Southern Living Home Plans

  • Numerous windows may be hard to secure from breakage in bad weather
  • Maintenance may be more expensive because of all the decorative touches
  • Larger homes may require extensive cleaning and upkeep
  • No basement underground
  • May cost more to heat in cold weather because of the abundant windows

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