Very Small House Plans, Not the Typical Styles

Very small house plans may not be the right choice for everyone, but this type of home can be perfect for many home buyers and individuals. These homes are not so much a typical style as they are a type of design. Usually these houses will cover less than fifteen hundred square feet, and may only contain one or two bathrooms and bedrooms.

Small homes offer a number of benefits and advantages over larger homes, and it is possible to find these home sizes in many different styles and designs. Acadian homes, english cottages, loft homes, and cape cod houses are just some of the styles that are popular for their small size, as well as their beauty and appeal.

Very small home plans usually include rooms that are smaller, and for some individuals this can be an advantage. Small house designs can be found in both single story and two story versions, depending on the specific style of the home. These homes can be plain and simple or elaborately decorated and involve many attractive architectural features, depending on your specific preferences.

While some architectural styles will not be found in smaller versions, like large Victorian and Gothic styles, the range of looks and floor plans that can be found in smaller homes can be astonishing.

Very Small House Plans Can Mean Big Savings in Many Ways

Choosing very small home plans can be a very smart move, because this type of design can offer savings in a number of different ways. The first way that you will save is on the actual cost of the home. Smaller homes require less land and fewer construction materials, and this can translate into a significant amount of money you can save.

These homes cost less to maintain and repair, because there are fewer rooms and components that need to be fixed or replaced. Smaller homes can cost tens of thousands of dollars less to purchase or build than larger models.

Very small home plans also offer savings on energy costs each year, and these savings can also add up to a decent amount of money. Smaller homes save on energy costs in a few different ways. Since the rooms and overall space is smaller you will need less heating or cooling efforts to keep the home comfortable, and this means less energy use.

Energy efficiency and cost savings are also improved with homes that have less square footage because they are easier to weatherize and make energy efficient. Large homes may have drafts, and finding all of the cracks and gaps in the house may be a huge undertaking. With a smaller house there are fewer areas that need to be evaluated and sealed, so it is much easier to make the house highly energy efficient.

There are also other savings that are associated with very small houses. The smaller your home is the lower your home value will be, and this number affects two expenses. Most property taxes are assessed according to the value of the house and property.

A lower value means lower tax payments each year for property taxes. Homeowners insurance is also rated according to the value of the property, so when you have a smaller residence you will also normally pay lower insurance rates as well.

Typical Buyers of Very Small House Plans

There are many reasons why you may choose to purchase very small house plans. If you are looking for a vacation home these plans can be ideal and they make an excellent retreat. You may also choose this type of home if you live alone or have a very small family, such as a spouse and maybe a single child.

Many couples who have grown children and face an empty nest may choose to downsize to a smaller home, because all of the space currently available is not needed. Sometimes property investors will purchase these homes to rent, but a majority of buyers occupy these homes instead of using them as an investment.

Very small houses may be a perfect fit if you are retiring and want to have less cleaning and upkeep, so you have more freedom to enjoy your golden years. The lower price of these homes also makes them popular with couples first starting out and first time home buyers.

Anyone who is looking for a home that is easy to maintain, less expensive, and small enough to be considered cozy without a lot of extra space, may find that a smaller house is the best option. Individuals, couples, and families on a limited budget may also choose a small home plan instead of opting for a larger and more expensive home, because of the savings that can be realized.

Acadian Homes Are Included In Very Small House Plans

Acadian homes are one of the popular types of very small house plans, and this style can be constructed to meet almost any size and square footage desired. First built in Louisiana and Canada, this style of home design and architecture has a lot of appeal, and many benefits.

Acadian style house plans have a French influences, and these homes are similar to the cottages seen in France. All available natural resources and materials are used as much as possible, and this style can be built in very little time because of the design simplicity. While this design type is not highly ornamented or decorated it is very attractive and blends well with the surrounding landscape.

The Acadian style of home usually involves a gable roof, a large bay window, and wooden siding. The floor plan is simple, and this type of home is built for efficiency and comfort. These designs can still be found in large numbers in the southern USA, especially Louisiana, as well as in Canada and some areas of the northern USA region.

Acadian homes are an excellent choice for some buyers looking for very small home plans, and they offer savings while maximizing appeal at the same time.

Very Small House Plans and The Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod houses are another type frequently thought of when very small house plans are mentioned. The Cape Cod style started out along the East Coast, where the bitter winter weather made energy efficiency and smaller spaces essential. Initially these homes were heated with fireplaces, so it was important that the rooms were small and easy to heat.

The winter storms along this coast can include snow, ice, and devastating winds that come off the ocean. This style of small home has little ornamentation or decoration, because of the possible damage and repair costs involved, and the layout of the home usually include two stories, with common rooms on the main floor and bedrooms on the second story.

A Cape Cod is a style that is viewed just like the people situated along this coast. Strong, solid, and without any pretensions or excesses, and this includes in the amount of room this style of home provides. Inside a Cape Cod the atmosphere is small and cozy, and keeping the rooms warm in even the lowest winter temperatures is not difficult.

The clean lines and large central chimney make this design style very attractive, while keeping costs as low as possible. Cape Cods are one of the most popular styles for very small houses, and this design can be found in almost every region of the United States.

Very Small House Plans and the English Cottage

English cottage home plans is another type of very small house plans, and these homes are charming and quaint as well as being smaller and less expensive to buy and maintain. This design traces all the way back to Medieval times in England, and the open floor plan of this home actually makes the interior feel larger and more spacious then it actually is.

English cottage homes have a rustic look and appeal that makes them a great fit in any natural landscape, and they can be as small as a one bedroom one bath or may include more than this.

This type of home design can be found all across the United States, and in almost every city in the country. A wide range of materials can be used, depending on the resources readily available in the region where the home is located. Wood and stone are both common materials used, and this type of design appeals to a broad range of homeowners.

Architectural features are included to make the home more appealing, but the smaller size allows you to take advantage of all the savings that very small houses offer. These cottages often look like they belong in a fairy tale with a wooded setting, and they are frequently chosen because of the romantic appeal that they have.

Loft Homes Can Be Ideal as Very Small House Plans

Loft homes are another choice if you are looking for very small houses, and this type of home has some unique features that make it a very popular choice. A loft home typically has two stories, and the second story is a loft which only covers a number of rooms, and stays open to the ground floor below.

This has the effect of really opening up both floors, and making the entire inside of the home seem more spacious and airy. Often the loft area will consist of a bedroom, office, or other uses for the large room or rooms. These homes can be a terrific romantic retreat for a couple, or a vacation home for small families, as well as a main residence.

A loft home allows you to have more space in a smaller home, and the fact that this level is open on at least one side gives it an interesting look. Many homes of this style have a natural look, with wood, stone, and glass being favored materials.

The upper loft can be used for almost any purpose you can think of, even storage if you choose not to use this area for living in. Very small home plans fit with the loft home design and style very well.

Regional Differences with Very Small House Plans

There are very small house plans in every region of the United States, but there are some differences in the styles and designs that you will find according to which region is being searched. Along the East Coast the style that you will see most often is Cape Cod. There are also some English cottage style small homes in this region and loft homes to choose from, but these are not present in the same amount as Cape Cods.

On the West Coast loft homes are very popular, because of the use of wood, glass, and stone as well as the loft feature. Roofs may not slope much, and these homes are designed to allow the sun and ocean breezes into the home in many cases.

In the northern region of the United States there is a mix of styles where very small house plans are concerned. Cape Cods are a frequent sight, but so are small cottages similar to the English cottage style. Most small houses in the northern region feature steep roof lines, to allow large amounts of snow and ice to slide off and minimize and roof stress and damage.

Loft homes are also popular in the North, especially in secluded and wooded locations.

In the South region of the USA small homes include many Acadian style houses, because these homes are ideal for the humid climate and extreme temperatures that this region experiences. Homes in this region do not require steep roofs, but some slope is necessary because some areas get significant amounts of rainfall.

Key Elements

Positive Cost Features of Very Small House Plans

  • Ideal for single individuals, couples, or small families
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • A lower purchase or construction cost
  • A large lot is not usually required
  • Many different styles and floor plans available
  • Perfect vacation or second home
  • Less expensive to maintain and repair
  • Home insurance is cheaper
  • Tax base is lower, so less is paid in property taxes
  • Attractive but less expensive

Negative Cost Features of Very Small House Plans

  • Small size may require storage rental if you have a lot of furniture and belongings
  • Limited size makes it a bad choice for large families

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